SPC (Ret.) Dillon Cannon

SPC (Ret.) Dillon Cannon
U.S. Army
Sugar Land, Texas
Old Orchard Subdivision

SPC (Ret.) Dillon Cannon grew up in Richmond, TX and found his love for the military when he attended the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, TX.  He enjoyed the “brotherhood,” the structure, the security, and the service to his country. 

Cannon was deployed to Iraq in November 2006 with a Military Police Company. While running an escort in December of 2006, Dillon's company received report of an improvised explosive device and halted the caravan.  The caravan was attached and Cannon, the gunner atop his vehicle, was hit in the neck by a sniper's bullet.  He was flown to Germany for a surgical procedure on his back lasting ten hours. Dillon was then transferred to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and later to the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, where he is still receiving outpatient physical therapy.

The bullet left Cannon with quadriplegia.  He has extremely limited use of his hands and has no movement below the chest.  Now that Dillon has medically discharged from the military, he resides in his specially adapted Helping A Hero home with his girlfriend and caretaker, Sarah. He looks forward to moving forward with his life and says, "God sparred my life for a reason. I am meant to be here on this earth and become a productive person."