Hero Home Program

The Wounded Hero Home Program is our signature homebuilding program for severely wounded warriors injured in support of the Global War on Terror. Traditionally, homes are built in master planned communities with the developer and builder donating time and materials toward the construction of the house, in addition to their paid services. Helping a Hero.org donates cash funds and oversees the project. The veteran is required to take out a minimum $50,000 mortgage on the home plus contribute the proceeds of their VA grant that most of the veterans are eligible for. 

The actual mortgage amount is determined at the end of the building process and is based on the minimum required $50,000 veteran investment, plus any additional upgrades selected by the veteran and any excess cost of land, beyond the Helping a Hero budget.


Each home is built to address the special adaptation standards for the veteran who will live in the home and is designed to ensure maximum independence, subject to the project budget constraints. To date, the Organization has awarded 103 homes in 22 states. The veteran also agrees to live in the home for ten years. During this time, the veteran may not borrow against the equity (other than the initial mortgage). And if there is a divorce the home stays with the veteran.