Wounded Hero

HelpingaHero.org is the 2nd largest national organization building homes for our severely wounded heroes injured in theater during the War on Terror. HelpingaHero.org is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to building adapted homes for our heroes who are missing limbs, are paraplegics, quadriplegics, severe burn victims, suffer from severe TBI, etc. We have awarded over 100 homes in 23 states and are committed to helping our brave and courageous wounded warriors on their road to recovery.

Nominate a Hero / 100 Homes Challenge

Helping a Hero has launched the Nominate a Hero Program nationwide. Nominate a deserving veteran for a specially adapted home here.

Model Overview of Home Program

We provide homes to our wounded heroes to equip them to transition successfully and succeed in life. We build specially adapted homes that allow our wounded warriors to be as independent as possible and place these homes in planned communities or in areas where they have ongoing support from various organizations and community members.

Application for Home

For over a decade, HAH’s Wounded Hero Home Program quality houses have been built throughout the United States. The average monetary value of an HAH Wounded Hero Home Program house exceeds $300,000. The houses are typically built in master-planned subdivisions.