Marine MSgt Blaine Scott served multiple deployments to Iraq and was hit by an IED and suffered burns over 40% of his body. Burn victims cannot regulate their temperature making it necessary to keep their interior air temperature at 68 degrees. In Texas, that is very expensive! Being a wounded warrior is tough enough, but this family suffered a tragedy even worse than being blown up in Iraq. Blaine and his wife, Lilly, lost their 12-year-old daughter, Isabella, to suicide after she was bullied at school. Their daughter was a proud Young Marine Corporal.

She loved playing softball and hunting with her Dad. She had epilepsy and had an episode at school during Spring 2016. Kids were teasing her, taunting her and imitating her behavior during her seizures. The bully and Isabella were placed in different classes and with only a few weeks until summer vacation everyone hoped the bullying would end. Just a few days after school started, tragedy occurred. Isabella was the victim of bullying and taunting at school, again, but this time, the consequences were permanent. Isabella, a beautiful precious 12-year-old child, committed suicide in their home just a few hours later. The Scott family was beyond devastated. This family has been an incredible example of doubling down and pushing through incredible heartache to help others, especially Veterans and children contemplating suicide.

They are even supporting David’s Law that is making its way through the Texas Legislature to strengthen the bullying laws. Helping a Hero is building a specially adapted home for this family in New Braunfels and we need your help to fund the increased costs of a Wounded Warrior Suite where they can invite other wounded warriors to stay with them when they are struggling or in crisis. This handicap-accessible suite is wheelchair accessible and will allow them to host warriors without displacing their children. The Scotts are an amazing family and deserve our support! Please help us help this family as they rebuild their lives!

Helping a Hero homes require the veterans to commit to live in the home for a minimum of 10 years. And the family is required to invest a minimum of $50,000. This home is a beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home with an office and game room. It is one story and backs up to green space. We hope America joins with us to thank this amazing family and invests in their future by investing in this home. We really need your help to bless this family! Thank you for your support! And we can assure you that your funds are wisely invested in this family. They pay it forward every day and want to help others.