On Friday, Sept. 10, two wounded veterans received a very special gift thanks to Bass Pro Shops, Lee Greenwood, and Helping a Hero. The ceremony took place in Nashville, Tennessee.

They joined forces to present accessible homes to veterans Lance Corporal Eric Frazier and Sergeant Antonio Mullen and their families.

Frazier lost his legs during his service with the United States Marine Corps in Iraq. He was part of the 3/24 India Company that was based out of Nashville. In October 2006 the Humvee he was riding in exploded after hitting a roadside bomb. It was this explosion that caused him to lose his legs. One of his arms was also injured.

“The first thing I woke up and I seen my arm was in a big ol’ Styrofoam holder thing and I had lost my legs I was like, ‘I’m just not going to be able to shoot,’” Frazier shared about his experience.

Frazier has four children and a spouse. Their home has been a double-wide trailer that is located in Morrison, Tennessee. Thanks to the efforts of the organization supported by Lee Greenwood, they will soon have a four-bedroom home. Making things even better is the fact that this new home will be built fully accessible for his needs.

Mullen suffered a traumatic brain injury, which heightened his post-traumatic stress disorder, while serving in the United States Army. His injury occurred during an attack on his Forward Operating Base. The explosion led to Mullen being blown from the top of a vehicle. He landed on his back, but hit his head. This led to his traumatic brain injury. Because of what he experienced in the service of his country, Mullen has had mobility issues and internal injuries.

Veteran’s Wife Describes Husband’s Experiences with PTSD

“At the time I was unaware of PTSD or its symptoms and felt as though I had lost part of myself because it felt as though my husband hated me. After doing my own research to find out what could possibly be wrong with my husband, I felt like PTSD was the most likely answer,” Mullen’s wife, Lacy, shared. “He eventually had a breakdown and was placed in a facility for 30 days. This is when he was officially diagnosed with chronic PTSD and started the process of medical retirement.”

Mullen and his family reside in Rolla, Missouri. He will also have a home that better meets his needs.

Other Celebrities Join Lee Greenwood in Presentation to Wounded Veterans

Lee Greenwood wasn’t the only popular singer who attended the ceremony and recognize these deserving veterans. Also joining in were John Conlee, a member of the Grand Ole Opry, and Tony Orlando, who is an award-winning singer. Also in attendance was Johnny Morris, the Bass Pro Shops founder, General Rob Givens, Corp. Sue Downes, Shio Harris, and Kelley Paul, the wife of Senator Rand Paul.

Lee Greenwood is a proud American. And he is the singer of one of the most popular patriotic anthems of the last several decades. That song, of course, is the hit track, “God Bless the USA.” Greenwood celebrated the beloved song’s 40th anniversary earlier this year.